Men’s professions: women are not allowed entry? 

Women are often inclined to engage in purely male professions. Remember, for example, the series “Taxi Driver”. There is an opinion that this tape has made the profession of a taxi driver quite popular, follow the women. In reality, however, the profession, which is associated with the driving of motor vehicles, has been and remains strictly male. And what other professions remain the lot of the strong half of humanity?

The man works as a trucker

It’s hardly realistic to meet a truck driver among women. This is due to the fact that in reality this profession is far from the image imposed on us by television and cinema. First-class drivers, among other things – endurance and readiness for everyday extreme, must necessarily master the courses of extreme driving.

Male and IT-specialty

The sphere of programming and IT traditionally refers to the male parafia. Of course, sometimes among the specialists of this profile you can meet a woman, but these lovely ladies are engaged, mainly by imposition or web-design. Women who work as system administrators, in fact, are very rare. On a good programmer or IT person can be learned almost in each of the leading universities of the country.

The man works as a cook

The profession of the chef slowly but surely turns into a masculine specialization. It seems that quite recently in the kitchens of public catering establishments in the Soviet period, mostly women were in charge. Currently, in high-end luxury restaurants, mainly men work. You can learn how to work as a cook in the colleges of the service industry, food colleges or, in extreme cases, on good cooking courses.

The man works as a director

Commercial and financial directors are specialties that are more suitable for men. In a percentage of eighty to twenty. The easily calculated difference is not the most striking example of gender equality. The head of the industrial company, large-scale production is 95-98 percent male. At the level of 85 percent in the restaurant business, leadership positions are also given to men. Telecom-business also shows total male superiority. Among the operators of CRM-systems, heads of billing departments for men account for 99 percent.

Profession of gender equality

Equally often you can meet in similar positions of men and women in advertising, media business, marketing. Here the ratio is mathematically exact – fifty to fifty. The professions of the creative plan, as well as those in which the prospective growth to senior management positions can be traced, are to be united into the profession, with the same demand for both men and women.

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