Top 5 myths about sweet

They say that every fat woman is separated from an ideal body by only a couple of thousand sweets eaten for the night. They say that sweet can only be happy – the rest look desperately, sweeping it. They say that chocolate replaces people’s dreams.

So many and contradictory girls talk only real men and … sweet. Our expert on healthy lifestyle Zhanna Shelest decided to understand: what of what is said about sweets and cakes is true.

  • Credit: Roberto Bernardi
  • Credit: Roberto Bernardi

Myth 1. From the sweet get fat.

There is one simple rule that unites all the slender sweet tooth – to not get better from the chocolate you need to think. Despite the calories burned, sweet will not hurt your figure at all, if: a) you are engaged in active intellectual work b) your level of physical activity tends to infinity.

One tile of dark chocolate a day is the standard maximum, which should be oriented. All that is more is no longer a treat, but a shameless convulsive gluttony.

Myth 2. Sweet helps to think.

Sweet helps to think that sweet helps to think – it is. And in the rest, our mouth-watering desserts are not particularly interested in awarding us the Nobel Prize: sugar depletes the stores of vitamin B, which, in turn, is responsible for your intellectual form. Too often wandering into a pastry shop near the office, you will only achieve arbitrarily sticking together eyelids at three o’clock in the afternoon, and not in any way creative inspiration.

Myth 3. Sweet increases appetite.

“No sweets – you’ll kill your appetite,” my mother said in a strict voice of the leading TV news, when you tried to unseen the “chamomile” that was rustling all over the kitchen. It is a pity that the curious German nutritionists did not come to dinner for you, for a long time already convinced everyone: sweet, on the contrary, skillfully blocks appetite.

An important caveat: it’s about an easy feeling of hunger, and not an obvious desire to crack down on the carcass of a freshly prepared bison. Such an extreme hunger is suppressed only by the proper reception of balanced food and the desire to be-as-Natalia-Vodyanova.

Myth 4. Sweet causes acne.

Credit: Roberto Bernardi

Credit: Roberto Bernardi

Quite frankly, eclairs and marshmallows are really not the most useful for our skin products. But on their own, without the presence of certain medical problems, they are powerless, like the spells of Judah Lowe with the help of cigarette butts.

As a rule, acne on our face is a sign of an overabundance of androgens or a banal allergic reaction. If you have both the first and second all ok, you can safely overeat sweet. Your skin will not be particularly affected.

Myth 5. There is a lot of caffeine in chocolate.

Six endless chocolate bars – that’s how much you have to eat to “catch up” with the caffeine content of the familiar morning cup of coffee. Contrary to the general belief, one hundred-gram chocolate is only 30 mg of caffeine.

So, eat and do not be nervous: hardly such an insignificant amount can deprive you of sleep and rest.

Take care of yourself and be well. Always with you is your health assistant. DOCTOR.

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