The most masculine sports

The division into male and female sports has always been quite arbitrary, and nowadays, when emancipation is flourishing and it is difficult to talk about such division. Many women in strictly male sports, for example, such as boxing, achieve a stunning success, in nothing, not yielding to men. And men, in turn, quite successfully master artistic gymnastics and figure skating. And yet, what kinds of sports are preferable for men, so that the benefit was for the health of the body, and for psychological comfort.

The most popular men’s sports

The love of men for active sports, as a rule, is born in early childhood. Even in kindergarten, boys are beginning to be interested in mobile ball games, which involve an element of rivalry and, to some extent, aggression. Any manifestation of activity, danger, even rudeness and aggressiveness – these are the key concepts that must be present in men’s sports.


Boxing is one of the most ancient types of martial arts. It is difficult to challenge the practicality and versatility of boxing, but, most importantly, what attracts men in this sport is that the basic elements of strikes and the block can be mastered very quickly. No doubt, boxing is a very tough sport, but despite all the rigidity and aggression, everyone can learn the skills of boxing, regardless of physical fitness. Any “botanist” can reach certain heights in this sport for a short time.

American football

Perhaps, according to the level of aggressiveness and brutality, American football takes the second place after boxing. This sport has not caught on in Europe, but in America it gathers thousands of stadiums for fans. American football represents something in between boxing and football. This sport requires good physical training, because besides the tough aggression inherent in boxing, there is still a need for speed.


Hockey is considered the most injurious sport. It combines speed, agility, extreme and strength. No wonder there is a saying “Coward does not play hockey”. Hockey is really not for weaklings, but for real men.


Football is the most popular sport, but its popularity is passive, that is, few who play football, but fans are a multimillion army. If you consider the adrenaline rush on the spectator stands or in front of a television set, a certain training, then football can be attributed to one of the most male sports.


Golf is a game for intelligent and intelligent men. At first sight it may seem that golf is a passive sport, but not so simple. Golf, like chess with moderate physical activity. For special men with extraordinary mental abilities, who should not forget about 19 holes, while doing a small talk, combined with complex calculations. In a word, men play golf, which can do several things at the same time, and there are not so many “Caesars” in our time.


Motocross for strong and agile men. This kind of motorcycle sport is off-road racing. Closed track, dirt road, a large number of obstacles in the form of trampolines, slides, turns. The risk on every meter and the sea of ​​adrenaline.

Car Racing

Auto racing for speed and technology lovers. For most men – this is the perfect combination to strain your brains in finding new tuning for the iron “horse”, and demonstrate courage and dexterity during the races. Again, a dose of adrenaline is always provided.

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